Ayurveda and Your Nervous System

May 04, 2017

I came into Ayurveda, the “science of life,” when I was in my late twenties. I discovered Abyhanga, which are body oil treatments that are performed by two practitioners at the same time. The treatments are prescribed by an Ayurveda doctor, called a Vadya. During the massages, I was being treated so gently, I felt as if I had returned to a state of infancy.

The practice is done in silence, with very gentle warm oil movements from the periphery to the core center. The treatment is so potent that afterwards, I felt my body, mind and soul were integrated, I was in tune with my emotional life and I felt whole.

A few days later, my mind was more settled and a feeling of creativity arose in me. The effects of the treatment had quieted my mind and helped my body relax. After a full week of 3 body treatments a day, my mind reached a stillness, where I could actually hear a new voice - a voice of knowledge and wisdom. I could also feel the strength of my nervous system building and the past stress and trauma of my physical body diminishing. I knew it was a combination of the warm sesame oil and the silence.

After seeing such amazing results, I came home and brought the learning with me. I love bringing what I experience into my home, and in this case, it felt like India was now my home within. I practice the treatment 3 times a week. I use sesame, almond or coconut oil, warm it and pour a nice amount from my feet to my belly and then from my hands to my belly. I even massage the oil into my hair and scalp. I then put on warm clothing and fall into a peaceful sleep, where I have fantastic dreams. I wake up every day with a clean slate and a great amount of energy, all from practicing self-love.