Welcome to Osi Living, a heart space for building the home within.

Osi Living puts into practice the wisdom of 5,000 years of Ayurvedic life science to unlock the body’s potential for healing and maintaining optimal health. Osi Living offers a line of Ayurveda oils derived from the finest holistic herbs and essential oils to relieve the mind and body from stress and toxic build ups. Osi Living is here to support your holistic wellness journey through a daily regimen of yoga, nutrition, breathwork, and meditation, as well as self-care education and global yoga retreats to assist you in your search for balance.

Osi Mizrahi, Osi Living’s visionary and founder, is committed to helping you access the wisdom and knowledge that already exists within you. “Building the Home Within” is a cornerstone concept of Osi’s philosophy in which you possess a unique ability to provide for yourself and to be of service to others. Osi’s search for balance has led her to become a student of the world, studying with gurus and scholars around the globe. Now she shares her experiences to spark the natural curiosity in others toward self understanding and healing. “The guru is within you.”

Ayurveda Oils
Find your full potential and unlock the healing within you. The practice of Abhyanga massage with oils tailored to your personal constitution can assist you in achieving balance and supporting your immune system.


Why Retreat? 

Finding time and space to focus on recharging the body, mind and spirit allows you to return to the world full of vitality, creativity and inspiration. A retreat reminds us who we are in our essence and reconnects us to our passion, our drive, our kindness and innate goodness.

Assists you in achieving balance while supporting your immune system and your nervous system so that you can function at your highest level.