Tackling Hormonal Shifts with Ayurveda

Tackling Hormonal Shifts with Ayurveda

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A Guide for Women

Tackling Hormone Shifts Naturally

Welcome to a holistic journey through hormonal shifts with wisdom of Ayurveda! 

These changes, particularly during menopause, can bring unwelcome companions like mood swings, hot flashes, dry hair and skin, and weight gain.

But fear not, Ayurveda offers natural solutions to empower you during this transition.



Balancing the Doshas

Hormonal shifts primarily affect Pitta, often leading to excess heat and imbalance.

Mood Swings: Focus on calming Pitta with cooling foods like coconut water, cucumber, and leafy greens. Include herbs like Ashwagandha, known for its mood-balancing and stress-reducing properties. Practice Pranayama to manage stress and anxiety.

Hot Flashes: Reduce Pitta-aggravating habits like caffeine and alcohol. Opt for cooling beverages like pomegranate juice and herbal teas. Apply cooling sandalwood paste or use gentle Abhyanga (self-massage) with coconut oil before sleep.

Learn Pranayama with Osi



Nourishing from Within

Dry Hair and Skin: Vata dryness can exacerbate  this issue. Prioritize warm, oily foods like ghee, avocado, and nuts. Opt for gentle hair washes and apply nourishing hair masks with coconut oil and amla powder. Ayurvedic herbal hair oil can promote hair growth and scalp health. For dry skin, regular Abhyanga with sesame oil and gentle moisturizing with herbal concoctions can restore its natural glow.


For Dry Hair

For Dry Skin



Embracing Self-Care

Ayurveda prioritizes holistic  well-being. Regular yoga and meditation practices reduce stress and promote hormonal balance. Prioritize adequate sleep and establish a calming bedtime routine. Connect with nature, spend time in sunlight, and nurture your emotional well-being through hobbies and social connections.

Weight Gain: Kapha  imbalances can contribute to weight gain. Focus on digestive health with spices like ginger, fennel, and turmeric. Choose light, easily digestible meals and avoid Kapha-aggravating foods like dairy and sweets. Regular exercise, especially Kapha-balancing activities like swimming or dancing, can be beneficial.


A Letter from Osi

My Journey with Ayurveda Oil and Acceptance in Hormone Treatment

In the realm of self-care and holistic wellness, my journey with hormone treatment has taken a natural and profound turn through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Embracing the healing properties of Ayurvedic oils, coupled with a newfound acceptance of my body's limitations and joint inflammation, has not only transformed my physical well-being but has also become a testament to the power of holistic approaches.

These carefully blended herbal oils addressed more than just hormonal imbalances. They calmed mood swings, a common struggle, highlighting Ayurveda's focus on restoring internal balance, not just treating symptoms. Their calming properties supported me emotionally, navigating the ups and downs with newfound resilience.

But my journey wasn't just about the oils. Accepting my body's limitations, a key tenet of Ayurveda, fostered a deeper connection and a positive mindset crucial for overall wellness. This acceptance, along with mindful lifestyle changes, helped manage the joint inflammation – a common side effect.

My hormone journey evolved into a harmonious dance between Ayurveda, acceptance, and self-love. It unveiled a holistic path to well-being, showcasing the transformative power of embracing our bodies and their inherent wisdom. This story serves as a beacon of hope for anyone navigating similar challenges.



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