Our Story

A yoga teacher for more than 20 years, Osi is also a writer, entrepreneur and holistic coach, whose teachings draw deeply from the traditions of Kabbala, Kundalini, and Ayurveda. 

Her philosophy stresses the importance of living a life of purpose and intention, while keeping the creative spark lit and being open to self-reinvention. Leading by example, she’s guided students towards a path she knows all too well: one that honors the self, promotes self-acceptance and takes accountability for co-creating our wellness. 

Osi is particularly focused on cultivating and unlocking her female student's inner beauty and strength by embracing the feminine.

Most foundational to Osi’s ideology is the concept of ‘home’ - representing the self - and nourishing that home within. This concept was also the inspiration for the 2012 launch of her businesses, Osi Oils and Osi Living, which offers holistic beauty products and valuable information on Ayurvedic practices, recipes and lifestyle tips.

With a natural wanderlust for life, Osi continues to travel the world to learn, grow, explore, and lead workshops in locations including her native Israel, France and Costa Rica.