Being in the Pause

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In yoga, we often discuss the attributes of the universe. Recently, I have been thinking about one particular attribute a lot, Shunyata, which translates to absolute emptiness, void or zero. If we apply this concept to our personal lives, it can be very scary. We often are in the state of “doing,” and very rarely in the state of being. I perceive Shunyata as a very important phase of our transformation and growth. This is the time when we allow things to unfold for us. This is the space where we create the opportunity for things that are valuable to unfold.

The other day I was having a discussion with a dear friend about the importance of being in the pause and not knowing what’s the next move in life. Or maybe you do know what the next move is, but you need to slow down and take a breath to reassess. Having experienced the pause myself, I learned that it was a place of a “no zone,” a place I simply resisted to visit. Because I’m constantly working on a variety of projects simultaneously, it was very uncomfortable for me not to know my next move.

I asked myself, why is it a place of discomfort? Is it possible that what we are really uncomfortable with is the way that the world will perceive us? Or is it because we are really uncomfortable sitting with ourselves in that space? Is there even a place in the English language when referring to a person and a pause?

I discover that the more I experience pauses, the more my creative ideas come to fruition. The more I take a breath and stay in the unknown without prediction of the next move, the more I truly embrace life and honor it’s moment.

This is where the concept that nothing lies outside of yourself comes from, and all of the answers are within. That’s when we can actually practice “the pause in action,” when we get to see everything that happens during this phase.

When I teach yoga to my college students, I often ask them to look inside and attend to their own practice. Sometimes I would suggest for them to close their eyes and practice sun salute for a few minutes.

I do believe that God lies within us and everything outside is a reflection of what’s inside. So the pause is an opportunity to go inside once again and get quiet enough that you can hear and let the next move unfold for you. It’s a magical practice. Let the next move unfold for you.

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