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Osi Mizrahi - Holistic Wellness Practitioner

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A dedicated student and practitioner since the age of 15, Osi Mizrahi has immersed herself in the realms of holistic food, yoga, and meditation. Her passion lies in Ayurvedic medicine and transformative oil treatments designed to impact the nervous system positively.


As a contributor to HuffPost and in the midst of publishing a self-help book, Osi is simultaneously pursuing a Master's degree in Ayurveda. Her journey in holistic wellness began at the age of 21 under the guidance of Nevine Michaan, and she holds certifications in Theta Healing, Kundalini training, Reiki energy work, Theta brain wave, Quantum physics, Marma therapy, Somatic work, and Katonah Yoga.


Osi's one-on-one sessions are known for their depth and profound transformative effects, especially for those ready to embrace radical changes in their lives. Currently, she is sharing her knowledge with wellness centers and spas, educating on the application of her Ayurvedic oils.


Embark on your journey to holistic well-being with Osi Mizrahi - where professionalism and integrity meet transformative healing.

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What Clients Are Saying

"Osi has reservoirs of deep insight and a love and generosity of heart which guides her movements and resolve. Osi is open, kind, generous as well as focused, directed and articulate. Jaya to Osi in her teachings."

-Nevine Michaan

"A genuinely warm and gifted teacher, Osi has a heart as big as the world. Her arms are open to everyone and spending time in her classes leaves her students feeling seen and loved just for being present. She personifies loving-kindness and is one of the strongest pillars of our Anusara community."

- Desiree Rumbaugh

More love letters ✨

"Osi is a gifted healing practitioner and teacher. She has a way of moving past the story and getting to the heart of the matter. Her intuition has a lazor-like quality, that cuts through confusion and leaves you with clarity of mind. I feel safe and taken care of in her presence and I feel that her work aligns me with my highest potential. I highly recommend working with Osi if you are ready to level up and step into the most optimal version of yourself."


"I had the experience of undergoing a truly transformative 2-hour Theta Healing session with Osi. Her profound wisdom, fire and compassionate energy created a safe space for me to delve into the depths of my spirit. Osi skillfully guided me through identifying the belief systems and programs that were ready to be released, enabling me to step into my highest timeline.

Osi's touch and presence were remarkable as she worked with precision, addressing specific points related to my fertility, grounding, and emotional well-being. While her strong hands may touch upon discomfort in pressure points, the intensity is worth the immediate sense of clearing and rebalancing. The session also included the application of her Osi therapeutic oils, enhancing the overall experience.

I left the session feeling not only physically rejuvenated but also deeply grateful for the healing and guidance Osi provided."

-Vilina Malka