Osi Oils


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Our Principles

Osi oils’ ethos is founded upon 3 driving principles:

To create sustainable, organic products that bring balance to your skin and your overall health using the highest quality ingredients.

To empower and educate by providing the tools and teachings of modern ayurvedic practices, yoga, nutrition, breathwork, and meditation, as well as self-care education and global yoga retreats that will lead to a more fulfilling and balanced life. 

To support you in finding your inner guru by focusing on a path that honors the self, promotes self-acceptance and takes accountability for co-creating our wellness. 

Our Origin

Our products are designed to take away toxins, to heal your body and mind, and preserve your youth. To find the guru within.

The story of Osi Oils stems from Osi’s experience with Pancha Karma. Struggling with a chronic illness, this cleansing Ayurvedic treatment extracted the toxins built up in her body, bringing her illness to the surface. Modern Ayurveda teaches that all disease starts in the gut and builds with the stress we hold. Once we rid our bodies of the toxic, we can begin to heal and regain our natural equilibrium.

Finding balance through these treatments and practices, led Osi down a path of finding a way to bring those practices into the home as part of our everyday self-care rituals. 

Our Brand

Finding the guru within takes time, self care, and a supportive community. Osi Oils is not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle that fosters a journey of healing, self-acceptance, and finding balance in your life.