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Flourish Ayurveda Center LLC, Cincinnati, OH

Logan Brookbank and Julia Porter

“Switching our products to Osi Oils for our Marma Therapy and Ayurvedic Facials has truly been a transformative experience. The purity and potency of these oils are evident from the moment you smell them and they touch your skin. Each session becomes a journey of rejuvenation, as the oils work harmoniously with ancient Ayurvedic techniques, unlocking the body's innate healing potential. From relaxation to revitalization, Osi Oils have become an indispensable part of our practice and wellness routine. We haven't found another product with the quality and purity that Osi Oils possesses. We are very grateful for Osi and her team for their effort and commitment to creating this new standard for Ayurvedic oils.”
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Sacred Skin

Ciara Fischer

"As a holistic esthetician, I have seen firsthand how amazing the Glow facial oil from Osi Oils is! Its blend of natural ingredients nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, promoting a healthy glow. I trust this oil to deliver great results for my clients, providing hydration, balance, and a radiant complexion. The smell is divine and it helps my clients relax even more during their facial massage! It's truly become a skincare staple in my practice."
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Wellness Teacher

Ami Jain

“I have been using Osi Radiance Hair Oil for 5 months and I love it! I oil my hair weekly and try to keep the oil on overnight for best results. If I have any extra left over on my hands, I apply the oil to my eyebrows and eyelashes. After I double wash my hair and let it air dry, I see much more radiance, moisture and bounce as well as thickness around the crown. As I go through perimenopause and hormonal shifts, I find moisture and hydration for my hair and skin is essential. Osi Oils keeps me feeling good and looking youthful and energetic!”
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MPH, Health coach

Hadlee Garrison

“The Belly Oil is the most luxurious smelling thing I’ve ever put on my body. Every time I smell it I melt. It cultivates so much self love for my belly, especially as someone who used to have a hard time loving that part of her body.”
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Author of Teaching Yoga for the menstrual cycle

Anja Brierley Lange

“The aroma of Osi Intimacy Elixir is intoxicating. I’ve used it like a perfume. But also gentle application as part of abhyanga (self-massage with oil) as a sensual Intimacy Elixir.
It definitely invokes intimacy and sensuality. With oils and plants associated as aphrodisiacs and with the female reproductive system it’s perfect for creating space for pleasure. I absolutely love this rejuvenating sensual elixir.”
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Ayurvedic Health Counselor

Bianca Tufail

“I've been using the Osi Feminin Breast Oil for 2 months now. There isn't anything like it on the market! It's lightweight, smells delightful and makes monthly breast examinations something to look forward to. The Feminin Oil helps make breast massages into a spiritual ritual by using aromatherapy to connect the mind, body and spirit.”
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Ayurveda & Nutrition Coach, yoga teacher

Eva Christopherson

“I love using Flow Organic Ayurveda Belly Oil before I go to sleep. Moving in a clockwise direction, I gently massage the oil on my belly which helps aid in digestion, and is especially helpful anytime I am dealing with any indigestion symptoms. I also use it during my cycle, as it helps ease cramps, is relaxing for my body and mind, and leaves my skin feeling so soft and nourished!”
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Ayurvedic Wellness Coach & Panchakarma Therapist

Kayla Johnson

“I have been using Soothe Mahanarayan Oil on my neck and shoulders before bed as well as in my Panchakarma Potli therapies! I warm the oil and dip herbal bundles in the Osi Soothe oil before applying it to the client's skin. This treatment works wonders for body pain, arthritis, tension and all around strengthening the skeletal system and the Soothe Oil has completely enhanced the experience for instant relief.”
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