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Modern, organic ayurvedic oils based in 5,000-year-old Ayurveda life science.

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Osi Oils is dedicated to nourishing

the mind, body and spirit, and that

extends to our earth. Our products

are made with 100% natural,

organic ingredients and packaged with

recyclable and biodegradable materials.

All natural

All of our formulas are 100% natural, organic, and vegan, formulated with the highest quality ingredients.


We are an environmental conscious brand, so we use only recyclable and biodegradable products in our packaging and printing.

Ethically Sourced

Our high quality ingredients are uniquely sourced from their country of origin.

Love Note


"Osi has reservoirs of deep insight and a love and generosity of heart which guides her movements and her resolve. Osi is open, kind, generous as well as focused, directed and articulate. Jaya to Osi in her teachings."

- Nevine Michaan

Love Note


"A genuinely warm and gifted teacher, Osi has a heart as big as the world. Her arms are open to everyone and spending time in her classes leaves her students feeling seen and loved just for being present. She personifies loving-kindness and is one of the strongest pillars of our Anusara community.”

- Desiree Rumbaugh, senior Anusara teacher

Love Note


"Osi has a zest for life that is contagious. Her positive energy towards her students is so encouraging:  helping us to go beyond our perceived limitations.  She sees potential in all things."

- Emily Mallon

Love Note


"Studying with Osi has opened my body and my mind to go beyond what I thought was possible and to see that in being playful, strong and courageous, I can create and experience great moments and the truest sense of who I am."

- Pamela Baur

Love Note


"Osi is an amazing yoga instructor, who has guided my practice for ten years. It's what surrounds her practices, however ... her higher vision, insights into life, desire to help others and, most of all, her loving heart ... that make her classes so vibrant and transformative.  I've studied with Osi in retreats in the Berkshires and the Hamptons and, of course, at her awesome yurt, though the BEST time was our yoga/cooking trip to Paris! Nothing like a joyful handstand with the Eiffel Tower in the background!!"

- Elinor Griffith, writer, editor and gourmet cooking travel guide