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Origin: China and India

Benefits: Suitable for sensitive skin, Jasmine moisturizes the skin, slows down the aging process, prevents dry skin. Jasmine is beneficial for the regulation of vata, pitta, and kapha doshas, particularly pitta. It is also a natural aphrodisiac.

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Origin: Northern Mexico and the southwestern US

Benefits: Jojoba is known to restore the natural balance and oil content of the skin. As an emollient, it is beneficial for chapped lips and extremely dry skin. With the highest level of antioxidants and nutrients, jojoba reduces fine lines and wrinkles from the skin.

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Origin: The Mediterranean, Middle East and India

Benefits: Due to its antifungal properties, lavender essential oil can soothe eczema and treat psoriasis. Used as aromatherapy, lavender rejuvenates the body to avoid a lethargic imbalance.

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Origin: India, Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand

Benefits: Lemongrass essential oil is a stimulant that benefits the body and mind. It reduces anxiety and puts the mind at ease, allowing the body to heal. Lemongrass oil is also known to enhance overall skin texture, detoxifying the skin and pores to eliminating excess oil from the skin. 

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Origin: India

Benefits: With its anti-bacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties, Manjistha inhibits blemish-causing bacteria from growing. It is also helpful in managing inflammation.

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Origin: Eurasia, North America, southern Africa and Australia

Benefits: Mint promotes a healthy digestive system, reduces stress, and soothes pain. With its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, mint is a natural toner and moisturizer.

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Origin: Africa, southern and central Europe and southern Asia

Benefits: The musta herb is known for promoting healthy, regular menstruation, regulating pitta and vata in the lower abdomen. It also brings comfort to the breasts, strengthens digestion and eliminates natural toxins.

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Origin: Arabian peninsula

Benefits: Myrrh is a powerful antioxidant and works as antiseptic. It is also an antifungal known for treating wounds, infections, and acne. Myrrh promotes youthful looking skin and its scent promotes an elevated mood.

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Origin: North Africa: Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt

Benefits: Neroli has strong aromatherapy benefits, enriching, energizing, encouraging and stimulating the mind and body. It is also an anti-aging solution, reducing fine line and wrinkles and treating varicose veins.

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Origin: Nepal

Benefits: Helps promote a healthy menstruation by stimulating and regulating the lower abdomen. Nirgundi is known to strengthen and improve the functioning of the digestive system.

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Olive Oil

Origin: Mediterranean Basin

Benefits: Olive oil is good for skin and hair. Due to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, olive oil helps control dryness and improves overall complexion of the skin when applied daily at night.

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Origin: Europe and the Middle East

Benefits: Due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, peppermint works effectively as a pain reliever. It can soothe muscle cramps, joint pain, inflammation, and provides relief to sore muscles.

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Pomegranate Seed

Origin: Iran and northern India

Benefits: Pomegranate oil is packed with antioxidants and Vitamins A, D, E, and K. It boosts collagen and helps to prevent wrinkles, as well as the improves the appearance of blemishes and scars.

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Origin: India and Brazil

Benefits: Punarnava helps remove toxins from the body by supporting healthy liver function and removing excess fluid and toxic waste from the body. It is also found to support heart, lung and kidney health, and soothe the gastrointestinal tract, supporting a healthy inflammatory response for digestive comfort.

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